November 27, 2011


Last weekend I took the train up to Rochester to spend the weekend with college friends.
I hate driving and I get motion sick as a passenger; paired with the possibility of late November Rochester snow, the train was a pretty easy choice.
I was dreading 7+ hours on Amtrak but I have to say, I was delightfully surprised.
I read 2 books, a few magazines, had a number of snacks, and took a couple naps. Having the option of getting out at the Albany and Syracuse stops to breathe some fresh air and stretch our legs on the platform made a huge difference and helped to break up the trip.

The train always feels like a relatively old-school option as far as travel methods go, but I must say, I'd totally do it again.

(And look how pretty our view was the entire way there - a lovely ride along the river)

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