February 29, 2012

Eat: Levain Bakery (167 W. 74th Street) - A Cookie Revelation

I'd read about Levain all over the place, and it's literally a block away from our apartment. It also happens to be right next to my laundromat so every time I lug that 30 pound bag of laundry down the street I'm taunted with the most obscene chocolate scents you can imagine. But it wasn't until this past Sunday that Jared and I experienced a cookie revelation.  
It's a teeny tiny store, down a flight of narrow steps, and there's always a line out the door. Inside it's bare bones. A counter. Racks and racks of cookies. Ovens. They don't mess around. 
There are only 4 flavors: chocolate walnut. oatmeal raisin. dark chocolate chocolate chip. dark chocolate peanut butter.
We took our bounty to Lincoln Center and sat on the edge of the fountain and it was one of those very perfect New York moments that I doubt I'll forget. 
They are some big-ass cookies. 800 calories each to be exact. And holy hell. They are worth it.
They're on the lumpy side, and look like they'd be hard, but the center is perfectly moist.
I don't normally like nuts in my cookies but the walnuts only make this cookie better. Jared was so engrossed with his peanut butter cookie that at one point he said "Don't talk to me right now." 
Yeah. They're that good.
PS. I have been nibbling at this very same cookie for the past 4 days. Yes. 4. I'm a grazer. And would you believe me if I told you it is JUST as good as it was the very first day? Seriously. It is still completely fresh and amazing.


Linda said...

You speak the truth lil lady! That cookie you gifted me was life changing!! I have added several miles to my walking schedule for at least two weeks to work it off. but WELL worth it. YUMMM

rebecca said...

i've lost respect for you that you can't finish a levain cookie in 1 sitting. it's so much better to get sick from a sugar coma and then pass out and go to bed. duh.

the sassy kathy said...

oh rebecca. i totally COULD have finished that cookie in 1 sitting. i could have. but it was so much more fun to let it linger in my apartment as a beacon of happiness for 4 days :P though the sugar coma/bed scenario also sounds promising.... next time!

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