February 27, 2012

A perfect weekend

This past weekend was as close to perfect as you can get. I feared saying it while it was happening, because that usually invites something crappy to happen, but no. It glided along happy and full of family and good food and city exploring.

Friday it poured all day. I found a good spot at the library and got a bunch of work done. I tidied up around the apartment. I slogged down Columbus Avenue in the rain, felt incredibly grateful for my Hunter rainboots, and took the same ballet class at Ailey that I took 3 days a week back in 2008 when I was working in NYC, commuting from western NJ, and this marvelous ballet class in those big open studios, looking out over the city lights, was the only thing keeping me going. I walked home in the dark - but not too dark, because its Manhattan after all - in the rain, through the puddles, sweaty after a great class, and just kept thinking THIS is why we moved. 
And then it got better, because we went out for Greek food. I could eat Greek for every meal. Every single one, and be perfectly thrilled everytime. Kefi was just as fantastic as I expected it to be. It was loud and crowded, but our server made one excellent recommendation after another and I was sipping delicious white wine and eating a simple but perfect salad, and this tender lightly fried cod, and a super rich chocolate mousse and everything was glorious.
Saturday we took the train out to NJ for a day o' family visits. We got off 2 stops early and trekked across a couple parking lots and almost got blown away by the wind on our way to Target where we marveled at how much SPACE there was. Look how big the aisles are! Look at all the room you have to push a shopping cart!

We visited my grandparents. We visited Jared's grandparents. We had a 4 hour family dinner at our favorite neighborhood restaurant and the food was amazing and the wine and conversation was flowing and what could be better? Got back to our apartment at midnight and I have to say - I missed the city. I was wondering if I'd miss all that open suburban space and the calm and the sky. But I kind of didn't. I hated being in the car and I'd rather be people-watching than star-gazing. (We'll see how long it lasts)
And then the laziest of Sunday mornings. Waking up late. Lounging in pj's. Leisurely breakfast. Lunch not long after. Our very first taste of Levain Bakery cookies. Munched on the fountain at Lincoln Center. Life changing. The train downtown. A visit to a very white and shiny Sockerbit for candy. Did laps around Room & Board trying to decide on a dining table. I could spend hours there. We did spend hours there. Was immensely grateful my husband and I have the same taste. That back during freshman year of college while everyone else was going to the dining hall and Wendy's we indulged in nice meals and fancy dates. Nothing's changed. The train back uptown. And always grateful to emerge out of the subway on Central Park West and just breathe. To see trees. Fewer people, walking more slowly. Wondering how we found this spacious apartment five buildings from the park. Back into pj's. A leftover smorgasboard for dinner. Oscars. Smash. Snooze. Perfect.


jenny d said...

You munched on the fountain at Lincoln Center? Wow! You must have strong teeth. :)

emily said...

sounds lovely!! love your food descriptions i'll have to hire you when my blog makes it big. ha.