February 16, 2012

When you're under the weather

The Cold Warrior, from Juice Generation.

I read about it online, that it's some Broadway stars' go-to fix when they feel a cold coming on.
Unfortunately, my cold is already quite full-blown, but I figured it was worth a try.

It's a kind of disturbing-sounding hot blend of green tea, fresh orange juice, ginger, echinacea, vitamin C, and zinc. 

But its actually kind of tasty. In an odd way. In a weirdly zesty, almost-spicy kind of way.

And yet....and yet....after having it for the first time yesterday, I found myself wanting more. More! A second one that very day! I exercised some restraint and waited a whole 24 hours before going back for more.

Who knows if it's helping, but it feels like it should be.
I'm feeling better than I was yesterday. I'll take that as a positive effect.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

KRICK"S witches brew:

In large pot simmer the following ingredients in a clean handkerchief or a piece of cheese cloth:
either orange or lemon peel plus cloves, cinnamon sticks, one small box raisins. Lean over pot as it simmers and sniff the fumes to clear your head. Remove the spices and you can use the base to make a tea or a hot toddy using hot wine. Either way, the witches brew will cure what ails you....


P>S> it also will make the apartment smell wonderful. do not burn yourself with the steam.