April 16, 2012

This weekend

The city has been looking mighty pretty lately with all this sun and warm weather. This giant, ancient wisteria vine gets people every time - no one can walk past without snapping a photo.

Had a super delicious brunch at Emporio on Saturday - hellooooo $15 entree + beverage special....
...followed by a trip to Kleinfelds to provide moral support to a friend trying on wedding dresses.
The store is really quite lovely. Though I will never. ever. ever be able to wrap my head around spending that much money on a more-than-likely-very-uncomfortable-dress that you're going to wear for 8 hours, max.
Nevertheless, I would have been very happy to sit out on one of those couches with a bellini or cappuccino and just peoplewatch the whole day long. The crew sitting behind us was quite a hoot.
On Sunday wandered up to the Columbus Ave market for an amazing donut. Not so much "cider donut" as "fluffy plump, rimmed in butter and sugar donut" but oh man it was good. Watched a husky snatch a pretzel out of a man's shopping bag and chow down.
And the Park. It never gets old. I feel so incredibly lucky that in this huge gritty city, this is my backyard.

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Stacey Snacks said...

oh oh! I love Kleinfelds!
I want to see you on the show "Say Yes to the Dress"!!!!