June 6, 2012

Persian rugs

I've hated my living room rug pretty much since we bought it. Realized it's just not working with the rest of our furniture, and since it's black, never ever looks clean.
For years I've been making fun of my mama because of her old school "too traditional" oriental rug.
Then I saw the light - that a persian rug would totally fix my decorating dilemma - and have been trying to steal it from her to no avail.
My new office happens to be a few blocks from the oriental rug district in NYC - a tiny little swathe near midtown east that is just one dark, intimidating-looking persian rug palace after another. 
Today I finally went in. 
I want all of them.


Linda said...

they are gorgeous!!!
I wouldnt be able to pick

Peruby said...

"I want all of them" - LOL!

Stacey Snacks said...

Pippi can always pea on the hated rug, like Shasta did for years.

Now we have no rugs.
(Love the last pic!)

Stacey Snacks said...

I meant "pee", not pea!