August 23, 2008


Tonight I went out to dinner in the city (disclaimer: when i refer to "The City" i always mean NYC) with my boyfriend and his family for his parents' anniversary. We went to The Capital Grille, which is a really absolutely gorgeous restaurant in the Chrysler Center. The service was perfect and professional, and the setting itself is exquisite. Plus the weather was absolutely perfect, just cool and breezy enough, which never hurts when you're traipsing through Manhattan.

In my opinion, you can always judge a restaurant based on the bread (or other complimentary treats) they bring to the table right before or after you order. I have a real problem when restaurants don't give you something to nibble on while you're waiting for your food. If I'm paying (or rather, my boyfriend is paying) $40 for an entree, I expect to get at least a slice of bread to tide me over until I get my food.

That said, the bread at Capital Grille was delish. A big basket full of different options - including an amazing warm, pumpernickel raisin bread of sorts. I knew we were off to a good start. Next was a fresh mozzerella, tomato and basil salad with aged balsamic. Let it be said that I was already completely satiated by this point in the meal.

I ordered the scallop special, which was well-cooked and tasty, but very plain - pan-seared with not much else, a mini tricolore salad and a few plantains on the side. We also ordered a number of the semi-family style side dishes - including the ultra-creamy mashed potatoes and roasted mixed mushrooms.

Dessert was worth taking pictures of. The monstrous hunk of chocolate hazelnut cake was just rich enough, and balanced out by the thick, creamy chocolate hazelnut icing. The waiter also brought over a complimentary cheesecake for the anniversary celebration, and I can honestly say it was the best cheesecake I have ever tasted in my entire life (and I am not usually a cheesecake person). I think it had something to do with the caramelized cinnamon and sugar on the top, which added just a hint of unexpected crunch. Yum!

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