August 24, 2008


Why any country would spend $40 BILLION dollars on a two week athletic extravaganza... (much of that $40 billion going towards creating acrobatic human torches and city-demolishing quantities of fireworks)

Don't get me wrong, I am all about the Olympics. I rooted for my country and stared at Michael Phelps' abs as much as the next girl. And watching the closing ceremonies just now was incredibly impressive. It was a visual masterpiece.

But I just find it hard to fathom that $40 billion dollars would not be better spent on other things

(PS - that is probably the only semi even-remotely-related-to political commentary that I will ever make. enjoy it while it (doesn't) last)

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Anonymous said...

I'd rather spend $40 billion on the olympics than $2 trillion on leveling Iraq. (Sorry, but since you said this was the only time you'd ever introduce something resembling political commentary, I figured I should jump at the chance.)