August 24, 2008


My sister has demanded that I post a picture of her, as younger sisters are wont to make demands.  

And yes, she IS younger.  I just want to get that out of the way now.  She is FOUR years younger.  SHE is just starting her sophomore year of college.  Not ME.  She is not 23.  She did not graduate in 2007.  Believe it or not, I am the older one.  

I am aware that I perhaps look young for my age.  I know I know I know - I'll appreciate it later on in life when everyone else my age is old and drooping and wrinkled and decrepit and, oh look!  I finally look like I'm in my twenties!  But for now, let it be said, that most twenty-three year olds will not take it as a compliment if you say "Oh my goodness!  You look like you're about sixteen!  But oh you are going to LOVE that when you get older..."

I'm just clearing that up - perhaps you've noticed it's a slightly touchy subject...

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