September 4, 2008

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

One of the things that I abhor most in life is eating something that I do not enjoy.  For someone who takes her food as seriously as I do, why waste the calories on something that doesn't make me swoon with delight?  If I don't like something, I don't eat it.  

Over the past few days, nothing I've eaten has satisfied me.  Nothing.  And I hate that.  I hate it because I love food and I want every little morsel that crosses my lips to send me into a food-induced haze of happiness.  

(Yes, it's weird.  I have a creepily intimate relationship with my food.  Leave me be.  I'm sure you have some idiosyncrasies of your own.)

I may just be in a foodie funk.  It may be period-related - for whatever reason, I think "that time of the month" affects my eating habits.  Maybe its the disgustingly hot weather.  Whatever it is, it needs to end.  I want to feel at peace with my meals again.

Example (plus many a digression):
Yesterday Mama and I went to Short Hills mall - my very favoritest NJ mall (and I consider myself a mall connoisseur).  Despite the fact that I can't afford to shop in approximately 80% of the stores there, it is beautiful and clean and filled with good-looking, wealthy eye candy (call me shallow, I don't even care - when you peoplewatch as much as I do, you want something nice to look at).  

Anyway, one of the main attractions of a trip to Short Hills is not only their absolutely huge and marvelous J.Crew, but also a delicious restaurant called Papa Razzi.  Honestly, I could be content with only their perfectly crunchy breadsticks, rosemary focaccia, and an iced tea, but they might not be too pleased if we ate their complimentary carbs without ordering a meal.  So I ordered the grilled shrimp with sauteed spinach appetizer.  I've had it before and it's delicious.  

A few bites in, and it tasted overwhelmingly salty.  So did the breadsticks.  I didn't even finish my focaccia!  Something was clearly awry.

On the way home we stopped at a little ice cream parlor in Chatham.  I took forever to make up my mind (surprise surprise), tasted at least three different kinds, and then foolishly ordered two scoops of flavors which I had NOT tasted.  FOOL.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Pistachio?  Disgusting.  Swiss Chocolate Fudge.  Horrid.  I took one bite and let it melt into a massive pool in its sad little cup that just about spilleth over onto Mama's leather seats on the way home.  

(Disclaimer:  The quality of the ice cream itself was truly not great, disregarding my out-of-whack tastebuds.  I have been spoiled by years of Polar Cub and Thomas Sweet, and the glorious ice cream experiences I've had there have transformed me into a major ice cream snob)

Conclusion:  I'm not really in the mood to eat anything, and THAT signifies a major problem.  For the sake of all that is good, let's hope that I'm back to my hungry, craving self as soon as humanly possible.


Stacey Snacks said...

you went to Short Hills Mall and didn't call me? and Chatham for ice cream? I hope you were not at Magic Fountain, or I will be really mad!
I am insulted!
you can't hide, now that you have a blog!

Brandi said...

My heart breaks for you. I know what it's like to go through periods of time like that. I bought one of my favorite soups yesterday, a nice simple Chicken Noodle from Panera, and when I tasted it, it was as if someone had gotten a bit too happy with the salt and pepper. Get yourself some more of that Wegman's bread.

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