September 14, 2008


The gladiator bugs are now inundating the inside of the house.

Today I managed to make every single meal breakfast.

HGTV is finally airing an episode of "House Hunters" that I haven't seen!

(Note:  I am slightly majorly addicted to HGTV - aka Home and Garden TV - aka a channel watched predominantly by old people and decorating-obsessed middle-aged ladies.  I believe this fixation originated during my 10-day home imprisonment while recuperating from a tonsillectomy back in March, in which activities were limited to slurping children's liquid Tylenol and watching pretty much every episode of "House Hunters" ever created.)

All this time I have been operating under the delusion that "Mad Men" is on HBO, and therefore not available in my HBO-less household.  In fact it is on AMC, and therefore very much airing on my TV.  

1 comment:

Linda said...

Commentary on "UPDATES"
1. Gladiator bug killing has now become quite a family pastime!!Including picking them off the grillmaster's clothing!!!!
2. Breakfast for every meal "Priceless"
3. Think of the palatial love nest you will someday create from all that HGTV consumtion. It can only be a good thing!!
4. The Mad Men thing - Who Knew!!!