September 14, 2008

Weekend Tidbits


I finally finished Season 1 of "Mad Men."  SO.  GOOD.  

Don Draper, I would very much like you to copywrite something for me.  Or on me.  Whatever.  That slicked back hair.  That commanding voice.  The overwhelming number of white oxford shirts you stow in your desk drawer.  The way you stand up to that sniveling weaselly moon-faced Pete Campbell, who I would like to personally slap silly.  

(Warning:  if for some reason you are way behind the TV-times and just catching up on Season 1 now, I am about to give away an important part of the last episode)

How is it possible for you to get hugely fat over the months, then one day suddenly "not feel well," go to the hospital with stomach pains, and only then have the Doc say "You do know that you're expecting right?"  And then, oh wait, you are going to have the baby RIGHT NOW.  How do you not know you are nine months pregnant, and about to birth?  And with Pete Campbell's demon spawn!  


Where the freak is fall?  This weather is absolutely horrid and the humidity is squeezing my head in a vice-like grip.  Again.  I feel clammily disgusting and I'm sitting directly in front of an air conditioning vent.  I cannot help but pity my poor sister, who is currently wrinkling in her teeny tiny Rutgers dorm room like a steamed vegetable. 


In case anyone was chomping at the bit, you will be happy to know that I did FINALLY finish The Savage Detectives on Friday afternoon.  I did fail in meeting my original goal, and instead finished reading while contemplating that abomination of an RU football game.  

Now happily finished with my neverending saga (which really was a very interesting book), I spent a long time wandering the library in search of new and exciting reads (one of my 2008 goals is to try and curb my book-purchasing addiction and take advantage of those titles purchased by my tax dollars - I am doing particularly well with this goal now that I am unemployed).  

Anyway, I'm on to The Year of Living Biblically:  One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible by A.J. Jacobs.  

This is one of the books I've been trying to track down at the library for almost a year, but which is always checked out, and which I am too lazy to reserve.  It's made me chuckle out loud quite a number of times so far, most recently during Jacobs' discussion of the challenges of avoiding any contact with women during times of impurity - aka, he can't come in contact with a woman who is menstruating.  Suffice it to say his wife is not pleased.  Particularly since he is also following the rule of not sitting anywhere an "impure" woman has sat.  During this time, his wife (wisely) makes sure to sit in every chair of the house so that he is left squatting on his two-year old son's six-inch high bench.  That is one tolerant wife.


Our windows are being inundated with strange medieval bugs that look like they're wearing armor.

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