October 7, 2008

Cream Cheese!, or Another Example of Being Dropped on Earth from Another Planet

My new favorite breakfast is that glorious Wegman's 7 grain sourdough bread, toasted until crispy, with cream cheese and raspberry jelly.  It is fantastic.

Now, the interesting thing is that prior to a few days ago, never have I ever put cream cheese on anything but a bagel.  Like, I never would have even considered putting cream cheese on anything but a bagel.  

This, I realized, is kind of strange.  

There is no reason that other carbs can't have the privilege of a little cream cheese once in a while.  People must put cream cheese on all KINDS of things.  Because cream cheese on regular bread (especially magical Wegman's bread) is delicious!

That is all.

1 comment:

linnea said...

Toast with cream cheese & raspberry jam is one of my favorite breakfasts :o)!!! I think we have similar tastes!