October 7, 2008

The Most Divine Diner in All the Land

Skylark is right on Route 1 in Edison, and every time I'm in the general Rutgers vicinity I try and concoct all kinds of bogus plans in an effort to have a meal there.  Skylark refers to itself as a "Fine Diner," and it really is a perfect combination of a monstrous diner menu and quality food. 

I went yesterday with Mama and Jenny, and the minute the plan had been formed I knew what I was having.  Anyone who has ever dined with me knows this is an incredibly shocking development and resulted in incredulous looks and raised eyebrows from Jenny at the diner, and later that night from Papa, who literally did a double-take.  I have a BIT of an food-ordering/decision-making problem.  Especially when there is a menu with pages in the two-digits and I know for a fact that everything there is AMAZING.

But, I knew right away, and of course, it was DELISH.

My Tijuana steak wrap, which I've been having vivid fantasies about since I had it for the first time a few months ago (and some of the most addictive evil fries ever)

Jenny with an ecstatic gleam in her eye as she prepares to eat a meal that is in no way reminiscent of the fine dining at Brower Dining Hall - hooray for Reubens!

Mama with her standard BLT... and a side of B

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