November 10, 2008


It started off in a rundown camping shack of sorts.  Me and a whole slew of other faceless people who I took to be highschool classmates.  (I don't know why I'm still having dreams about high school.  However, I also don't know why I'm having dreams that take place in deserted prairie-like environs)  We leave our communal shack and make our way to a large building.  A wide open church-ish space with lots of wood plank boards and minimalist charm.  We all sit down in the pews.  It's a really big church.  

There are other, older, in-charger people scattered around.  They're standing up, clearly showing their power over us.  They're all wearing red shirts.  They walk up and down the aisles and hand out pins.  Some are green, some are red.  If you get a red one, it signals that you will be killed.  Or maybe just that you just can't participate in the days activities.  (That little detail got a little fuzzy in the dream and I remember trying really hard to figure out whether I was trying to avoid death, or just trying to be a team player)  Green signals that everything is fine and good.  Somehow, I know that pins are given out for the most part based on looks.  

As the in-charge red shirt dudes come my way, I contemplate my options.  Smile pretty and hope for green.  Or, disappear completely.  I manage to semi-dismantle a pew and slither underneath.  I see the guy's feet walk by and hand the girl sitting next to me a red pin.  He sticks a red pin on my shoe, which apparently is not quite so hidden.  Oops.

We have to go up to the front in groups (divided by red and green pins of course) and sing some song.  It seems like most people got green pins.  They're singing happily.  We who received red pins are not so pleased.  I notice that all of the pretty people got green pins, the not-so-pretty got red.  Well, maybe he just didn't see me!  I think to myself.  I go up to the in-charge guy standing nearby and go on and on with some drivel about how I'm so excited to be here and I love group activities and blah blah blah (I always was a good BS-er).  I think he mainly just gets tired of listening to me, and gives me a green pin.  Now I'm one of the Chosen Ones!  

We group up and start walking across the deserted plains to some other group activity.  Or a place to kill the red pin people.  Not quite sure.

Thinking back on it, maybe this dream wasn't so bizarre after all.  Sounds an awful lot like typical high school to me.

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