November 10, 2008

Someone Give Me a Gold Medal!

Because I deserve one.  Because today I succeeded in driving from Central NJ to Hoboken, all by my lonesome, WITHOUT GETTING LOST!  Without taking a SINGLE wrong turn!  Without any mishaps!  Even WITH some unexpected construction detours!  

If at this moment you are saying to yourself "This girl is clearly disturbed, it is only an hour ride to Hoboken and really NOT that challenging," then you really have no idea how severely distorted my sense of direction is.  You do not realize that whenever I go anywhere new (and hell, even when I go places I have been many many times before) I always, and I really mean always, get lost.  I end up taking a wrong turn somewhere and end up very much in the wrong place.  And then I have to call Mama or Jared and have them get on Google Maps and find where I am and try and get me back to where I'm supposed to be.  (Yes, I could just get a GPS, but I am morally opposed to them, and find them to be the epitome of vile lazy-inducing technology - yes, clearly much better to call Mama or Jared in a panic and have them walk me through the whole process on the phone.)

So, my friends, THAT is why I deserve a medal.  Because this was my first successful trip in - oh, hmm, EVER - in which I reached my destination problem-free!

And to celebrate, after doing my lunch/meeting thingy in Hoboken, I found a bakery and bought many many sugary, fat-filled donuts, cookies, and crumb cakes.  Because I deserved that too.

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Anonymous said...

I am SO proud of you!! your sense of direction has always been an issue, unless of course it involves finding, say, the BCBG department in Bloomies. amazingly enough, you could find it blindfolded, after coming off an escalator, backwards, on the wrong floor, after having been spun around before being sent on your quest. Lord knows you would find it, and quickly!!!
and you did deserve the baked goods!! So did I, just for being on call for directions!!!!