November 9, 2008

Introducing Boo!

Last week, on Halloween, Jared got a kitty.  His name is Boo.  He is now five weeks old.  He is teeny tiny.  He is beyond adorable.  He is fluffy.  He is soft.  He makes a pathetic little crying meow when he wants to a) use the litterbox b) eat c) drink d) escape from your grasp to try and play with the pitbull.  He is a squirmy little munchkin and really wanted to play with the giant pitbull.  He succeeded in fleeing my love-tight clutches a number of times.  He likes to prance around the kitchen and battle with his reflection in the dishwasher.  He also enjoys pouncing about with a little toy mouse with a jingly bell, except for the time he tried to drown the toy mouse in his water bowl.  He has teensy paws and sometimes bats at your hand and fingers with his adorable little padded feet. 

He was precious enough to warrant one hundred, yes, one hundred, photographs over a 48 hour period.  Here is a very minor sampling of my weekend paparazzi session.  

(Please note that these photos can in no way convey the unfathomable bittyness and cuteness of this kitty)


Leigh said...

that is some serious cuteness you have goin' on there.

Stacey Snacks said...

I am in love!!!
He is my favorite color kitty.
I want him!!!!

The Sassy Kathy said...

sigh i know!!! and he is even teenier in person! jared had sent me pics and he looked really small and cute and all, then i saw him in person and i could not even FATHOM how small he was! he's the size of a beanie baby! eeeee!