December 3, 2008

Closet Envy

I've said I was going to reorganize and beautify my closet for years, and it just hasn't happened.  Mainly because I keep thinking I'll be moving out, therefore making it a waste of money to mess around with the closet.  Clearly that's not happening anytime soon.  I did do a major purging of old stuff a couple of weeks ago, so that was a good first step.  But oh my, I think I would like this one instead please.

{Photo via Desire to Inspire}


TexasRed said...

We just redid our closets with a system from Lowes/ Home Depot that screwed into the walls and is adjustable. Not sure if that would help with yours.

Daisy said...

Ppurging is a start. We redid a closet two years ago because it fell apart...literally. Necessity was the mother of that remodel.