December 18, 2008

Coat Hunt

For whatever reason, perhaps because I am truly a masochist at heart, each and every year, without fail, I embark on a massive winter coat hunt.  
Perhaps it's because, when it comes down to it, I DESPISE coats - I mean, really hate them - so I'm always looking for one that will change my mind.  I always feel claustrophobic.  Too poofy.  Too hot.  Too tight.  Too loose.  I hate the way they make you look like an abominable snowman in 88% of cases.  And the ones that don't make you look huge inevitably smush up under your armpits or pull so tight across the shoulders and back that it feel's like it will rip in half the minute you lift your hand to take a bite of Christmas cookie.  

Hence my new cape obsession - no structure equals no need to worry about fit.  I found an equally beautiful Laundry cape with a purty fur collar in Bloomie's today.  Still undecided as to whether I will surrender to the splurge.

Anyhow, I keep coming back to the above coat, which basically looks like a slightly more stylish equivalent of wrapping yourself up in a gigundo plaid blanket.  And that sounds quite appealing to me indeed.

{Minimarket plaid hoodie coat via Pixie Market}

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