December 19, 2008

Dashed Dreams

My coat hunt has now morphed to a level of full blown obsession, which means that all day I've been sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop staring at the snowstorm a-brewin' outside, eating, drinking tea, and searching for coats and capes.  It's really disturbing.  

What is also disturbing is that I finally found the CAPE OF MY DREAMS - that adorable little red ridinghood cape above - which looks so classy and simple, and is also a perfect length, AND even has little holes for your arms to come out (unlike many capes that either a) assume you have no arms or b) have slits on the sides for your arms to move about which pretty much obliterates the warmth factor).  So, this cape is gorgeously gorgeous.  And I love it very much.  And I very much blame {this is glamorous} for introducing me to this fashion wonder, because now I have fallen in love and it will remain unrequited because there is no way in hell that I am spending $745 (yes, that's the sale price) on this masterpiece.  But that will not keep me from mourning my loss.  Sniffle.  

To somewhat console myself, I've been searching every last nook and cranny of the Internet for an alternative.  Some kind of coat that I can wear on a day to day basis and be stylish and yet also comfy cozy and not look like a schlub in my Northface (though, don't get me wrong, I do love my Northface).  

Implausible option:
Plausible options:

I also found a rather lovely black Laundry cape with a fur collar in Bloomingdales.  On sale.  Hurrah!

Any thoughts?  Alternatives?  Please help me put an end to this obsessive hunt.  I don't think Jared will love me much longer if I send him one more link to an outer-garment.  


Anonymous said...

I like your selections! While the top (expensive option) is my favorite, it is much to spend! Especially if you might wear it out in snow, rain, etc.

For the more reasonable options, I like the tan or red cape/coats the best.

bridget said...

why do you need a coat if you never leave your house?? :)

Trina said...

hey SK, how about finding a good tailor, and having them follow the design of the 'adored' red? They can give you a quote first.... Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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