December 27, 2008


"Pienso en ti muy despacito, como si te dibujara dentro de mi y quedaras alli grabado.

Quisiera tener la certeza de que te voy a ver manana y pasado manana y siempre en una cadena ininterrumpida de dias; que podre mirarte lentamente ya me se cada rinconcito de tu rostro; que nada entre nosotros ha sido provisional o un accidente."

- "El Recado," Elena Poniatowska


Trina said...

so, I decided to stretch my brain a tad today....using a translater on your test didnt quite 'translate' so I googled the author. Nice little bio on the importance of her works. So,l thanks for offering up somehting to 'chew on'. ;-)

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Tenei to mihi ki a koe Kathy

Robert Frost said, "poetry is what's lost in translation". I suspect that the words on your post that I cannot understand are very poetic, for the translated text has an element of Romantic poetry (as opposed to romantic, which it probably is also).

Thanks for the piece of translatable poetry :-)

Best wishes
from Middle-earth