December 26, 2008

Recuperating from a Day o' Fun

I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful Christmas.  Santa brought lots of goodies to my house and we had a lovely time with a whole crew of friends and family that came by for our annual Christmas hoopla.  I'm still reeling from massive quantities of clam dip and Italian Delight.  And punch, the glorious glorious fruity punch.  And the evilness of my homemade Jewish Apple Cake.  And Jenny's Pear Bavarian Cream Tart.   Oh yum.  It was a happy day.  

I will admit that now I have sunk into a bit of a post-holiday funk, with the inevitable boredom that descends on the day after Christmas goodness.  I have eaten a few too many cookies over the past few weeks and now going cold turkey is clearly messing with my brain chemistry.  I want to do something fun but I am lazy and I can't think of anything to do and really my sweatpants are so comfortable and it's already getting late and it's kind of gloomy out and WHERE ARE THOSE COOKIES!? 

1 comment:

Cricket/Tammy said...

First time over to your blog. I know the feeling. I have eaten way to much these days. 2009 is right around the corner and always a great time to start.

Ah, go ahead...have another cookie till then.