January 15, 2009


Holy Moly. 

I know you're all probably getting super sick of my kitchen/housing obsession (um, actually I know that for a FACT, because SOME people in particular, people whose names are Jenny, who are related to me, ask me each day: "Did you add anything interesting to your blog today that was NOT a kitchen or an apartment or a bookshelf?")  Um.  Point taken.  
But I'm afraid that's not going to stop me.  Because I have an obsessive personality.  And right now I am fixated on beautiful glorious apartments that I can in no way no how ever in life afford or have or nada.  And so nothing will stop me.  Not you.  Not ANYONE.

And Desire to Inspire feeds my obsession daily.  And today they have fed it to the point of oversaturation.  And my obsession is sitting here bloated and happy as I feast upon these glorious NYC apartment photos.  

Go ahead.  Take a bite.


Shell said...

I adore the envies!
And my goodness, those huge cabinets in that kitchen make me totally envious! I don't have a pantry and those would be heaven!

LuLu said...

Chandelier in the kitchen! That is pretty awesome!!

i.d. said...

Nope, bring it on - I am feeling the same obsession with pretty interiors too!

ABC Dragoo said...


Thanks for featuring my apartment on your blog. As you may have read on ABCD Design, we are moving April 15. I can't wait to go through the interior design process one more time - with the same furniture - but make it look totally different!

Stay tuned to http://www.abcddesign.com to see the process unfold.
Thanks again for the lovely post!
ABC Dragoo