January 15, 2009


That sound is my brain it's real hyper right now my brain and my person and my whole family is looking at me with frightened withering stares begging me to take a breath or take a sedative or take anything that's going to silence the buzzing and i don't really know what it is maybe it's because i was unleashed from the house for the first time in days i left the house i left the house! can you believe it? i put on real clothes and i didn't sit in front of the computer for a whole five hours and i saw "bride wars" and kate hudson is super cute although i wasn't really a fan of her hair in that movie she looked kind of old but i still love her anyway and you know anne hathaway got jiggy in that movie she can shake her pale little butt and then i found a planner i think i'm even going to keep it! it's pink! and it has nice monthly spaces and i ran into a dear high school friend who i haven't seen in ages and we chatted in the planner aisle and it was glorious and then we drove home and jenny almost killed us because she failed to yield when getting on the highway no no she just shot right on up there without even pausing and i think maybe the reason i'm so hyper is that i'm embracing life! beautiful life! because she didn't even pause and thank gosh the cars were far enough back that we just made it onto the highway without getting smushed to smithereens and then we came home and apparently i was talking veryloudandveryfast and then we had a really delish dinner shrimp and tomatoes and spinach over rice oh it was so yummy and then i had godiva chocolate and then i flailed on the couch for a bit and then i settled down a bit because no one here wants to play with me do any of you want to play with me? we could dance outside in the snow or go sledding down the hill or run around the block or anything you want do you want to come play with me?

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