January 12, 2009

Of Note

1.  Apparently not only is the pizza in Jared's town gloriously mouth-wateringly delicious...so are the BAGELS!  I thought we had pretty decent bagels around these parts, but hells no.  They taste like styrofoam compared to those thick doughy circles of goodness.

2.  It is very possible that Jared is trying his best to fatten me up.  Why do you say that? you might wonder.  Well.  Suffice it to say that within a very brief period of time he forced me to ingest bagels, Sicilian pizza, homemade chicken parm, caramel crumb cheesecake, cookies, and champagne.  And let me also just point out that in forcing me to eat this culinary goodness, I may have perhaps developed some addictions, and when it was time for me to leave his house yesterday afternoon I was literally hanging onto him and clawing his sweater saying "GET ME A BAGEL PLEASE PLEASE A BAGEL I'LL DO ANYTHING."  Sadly, this is not an exaggeration.  Nay.  It was not a pretty sight.  

3.  I spent a lot of good quality time with the demon kitties.  They are cuter - and badder- than ever.  A couple of days ago Jared heard a splash and then a meow.  Pippi had fallen into the toilet.

4.  I can't stop obsessing about the fabulousness of this book.

5.  On Friday I had an extremely exciting Dog Whisper-esque moment when the pizza delivery man (of course) rang the doorbell and Scarlet came shooting upstairs barking, and I whipped around and Shhhh!-ed her and she cocked her head at me and whirled around in retreat and took off downstairs.  It is one of my proudest moments to date.  Oh if only Cesar could see me now.

5.  I really enjoy the concept of pants-less New Yorkers bonding in the snow.

6.  I do not enjoy smelling like bacon all day.  Especially when some people only got ONE PIECE.  Because some people's SISTERS ate the rest of it herself.

7.  Sun + Snow = 96% blinded while trying to work at desk with shades open

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