January 12, 2009

The Worst Thing Ever...

... is being cooped up in your house all day working and actually being productive and actually feeling accomplished and really looking forward to your gym class at six o'clock because you can finally take your numb rump and unused muscles out for a test drive after much too much butt-to-chair time and you get there and you start bopping around with the senior citizens and after fifteen minutes just when your quads are screaming with joy at moving more than 5 steps (the distance from kitchen table to refrigerator) suddenly all the lights go out and the music stops and the generator lights come buzzing on and oops looks like the powers out so the teacher breaks out the mats and we start doing abs and wait for the lights to return well all of us except for crazy alice who never ever stops and wouldn't let a silly thing like darkness stop her from fulfilling her aerobic mania so she presses on huffing and puffing while the rest of us lie on the floor in the dark and fifteen minutes go by and finally the powers that be come in and say the gym is closing because there are still no lights or water or phones and who knows when it'll come back so we have to leave and crazy alice is still going still huffing still stepping still puffing away and honestly i think they're going to have to drag her out of there kicking and screaming and i walk back to my car fuming because my muscles have been teased they were just getting going and now here i am sitting on my rump again.

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