January 5, 2009

Week in Review - Part 2

This weekend I also got to spend a couple of days at Jared's house - aka La Casa de Kitten Demons.  
Seriously.  These poor little buggers are totally off their rockers, probably because they are still so teeny that Jared's fam is afraid to let them loose in the house and they therefore spend a good portion of everyday cooped up in the bathroom.  What this means is when Jared and I decide to let them out, it's complete and utter mayhem.  It's kitten claws vs. human leg.  In fact, at one point over the weekend Boo scaled my leg all the way up to my hip.  That was good times.  Especially since his claws are like freaking sewing needles capable of puncturing my thigh.  But oh my.  They are still precious.

Albeit troublesome.
Look at those little crossed paws!  What a lady.

Also, might I just add, that my farewell to the kittens this weekend was particularly heartwrenching.  

Jared had already taken off early Saturday morning for the start of his winter session class (ew, I know, right?).  So I snuck into the bathroom to bid the munchkins adieu.  A horrible mistake I tell you.  HORRIBLE.  

They immediately jumped all over me and Pippi was making her bizarre bird noises and meowing like a fiend.  Boo, who has become more standoffish and cat-like over the weeks, even stood there and let me pet him for five minutes.  Pippi then proceeded to adhere herself to my person.  I sat there and pet them and she ran in circles under my legs and meowed and ran over to the door and looked at me pathetically.  In other words:  let me out let us out pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.  It was sad.  

The real kicker was when she threw her little furry body onto the floor and curled her entire body around my Ugg.  And stayed there.  Nuzzling.  Then she got up and ran around and did it again.  And again.  Ugg spooning.  I literally had to run out of there to get away from all of the cuteness.  I heard them bodyslamming the door on my way out of the house.  It broke my heart I tell you.  

I mean really, could you leave this?  

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Anonymous said...

Love the kitten pictures....
We just had a pet fest on the couch with the kittens and scarlet. Scarlet was grooming Boo and he was kissing her back--too cute.