January 5, 2009

Week in Review - Part 1 - or, Champagne and Noisemakers and Dancing, Oh My!

So last week was a good week.  A really good week.  Mainly because it was so staggeringly busy I had absolutely zero time to do much in the way of overanalyzing my current life situation (aka unemployed and claustrophobic in the suburbs of NJ).  I always function at a much better level when I have minimal time to think.  Thinking is dangerous in a mind as twisted and overactive as mine. 

Monday through Wednesday I worked.  

Yes, perhaps you'd like to read that statement again.  Go ahead.  I know it's shocking.

Indeed, I worked.  Full time.  And in an office.  

(I know, are you still in shock.  It's okay.  I totally understand.  I'm still reeling myself.)

So I felt quite fulfilled.  I felt accomplished and busy leaving my house in my Real Girl clothes en route to my Real Girl job.  

Plus, you know that whole thing about when it rains it pours?  Yep.  That it does.  Because after months of sitting in my sweats and twiddling my thumbs I suddenly was not only working, I also had a few little writing projects going on.  Which is FABULOUS.  Don't get me wrong.  Just kind of ironic that it all got smushed into the same 3 days.

So I was a busy little bee.  And that dunked me right into New Years Eve festivities on Wednesday night.  

After much confusion and deliberation regarding plans, I ended up in New Brunswick with some of my RU darlings.  We went to my very favoritest martini bar, where I consumed a Sex in the Hub City and a Don't Drink Too Many of These.  Don't you want to go there now, just because of those fabulous names?  You should.  They're beyond yummy.  And also huge.  And it only takes about four sips for me to become very tipsy.  I morphed in Kathy quite quickly, I assure you.  

Ah, yes.  There's Kathy.  She is very much enjoying that glass of champagne.  

This was taken at our second stop of the evening, a very hip Manhattan-esque restaurant/bar that had drinks and dancing and the best DJ I have ever heard in my life.  Seriously.  This DJ mixed up the current hits and old school 90's pop like a beast.  It was good times all around and a really fabulous New Years.

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