February 6, 2009


So the boots.  The boots that are designed for We of the Large Calves.

I found them.  Today.  In Lord & Taylor.  They are the perfect style.  PERFECT.  Exactly what I want.  Plain, simple, classy black riding boots.

But the stretchy stuff?  I'm kind of ambivalent.  I mean I already referred to these as the pregnancy pants of the shoe world.  But do I WANT to be voluntarily be wearing pregnancy pants?  Um.  Probably not. 

But truly.  No.  Other.  Boots.  Fit.  Me.  

(Although I have yet to try JCrew extended calf sizes but they're always just so expensive and now they're all sold out anyway and ehhhhhh)

So?  Style mavens?  Are these worth keeping?  Would they look presentable with opaque black tights or black leggings?  Or do they look geriatric?



BrieAnn said...

To me, there are two options:
1 - Suck it up and buy the good quality J.Crew extended calf boot. A good boot is hard to find and, if you will wear them as much as I wear mind, cost should not be an option if you find the perfect boot.
2 - Keep searching and hope you find a pair before the beginning of the next boot season (ehem - September 2009).

Me - I'd buy the J.Crew ones. These L&T ones are okay, but I think J.Crew's are better.

Countrybelle said...

this is what i think: these boots are cute but not that cute. it's hard to tell not in person, but i am not crazy about them. probably if i met someone wearing them i wouldn't think, ew, ugly. but i also wouldn't think, wow, amazing boots either. i think it all comes down to cost. if these boots are expensive, don't buy them! i have a policy of never buying anything i'm not crazy about. and that goes double for anything over $50. that's my two cents! hope it helped! (but i'll still like you if you do buy them)

Countrybelle said...

oops, just saw your twitter about the jcrew boots. yay!