February 5, 2009

The Perfect Wedding

The other night I watched the Sex and the City movie for the first time since seeing it in the theater back in May.  Oh my.  It's just so good.  So freaking good.  I'm slightly SATC obsessed (and why not? I ask.  Why in good heavens not?  Unattainable clothes and apartments and success and shoes?  What is not to ogle happily and enviously?)  

So I only cried, like, twelve times.  It's that freaking Brooklyn Bridge - the minute it zooms into sight I'm a goner.  And from there I start blubbering every few minutes until the end of the movie.  Good times.

Anyway, the more I see it, and the more I contemplate it, the more I believe that Carrie and Big's wedding is literally perfect.  (Once again, somewhat unattainably so.)  A simple City Hall wedding.  Classy white garb and great shoes.  Completely intimate and focused on the act of marriage and not all of the muss and fuss and complete inanity of the wedding hoopla.  And then, celebrating at the diner with your very best friends.  Not the extended family who barely knows the name of your significant other.  Not all of those individuals who warrant an invitation based solely on obligation.  Just the people you really truly love, and who have been there to appreciate your relationship from the very beginning.

End of wedding rant.

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morgan said...

Well then you will be very pleased to know that the SATC crew just signed on to do a sequel! Check it out on E!online.

citysage said...

Ugh! I think my comment just got deleted, and it was a LONG one too!

I'll try to summon it back:

There are some of us who have weddings at city hall in manhattan and then spend the rest of the day crying because they've always dreamed of the perfect big wedding with the perfect white gown and their mama and papa to walk them down the aisle and having their extended family and friends around them to celebrate.

the solution is to have a SECOND wedding with all of the above!

it also helps on the day of the first wedding if you take an intimate trip to the great jones spa immediately after the ceremony and then spend the weekend at the bowery hotel. the perfect mini-honeymoon. never let it be said that you can't have it all!