February 5, 2009


My pears finally ripened.  I have finally started basking in their glory.  I was so excited about this moment that I took a picture of us, together, happy and in love.  Do you see how much I love my pear?  Do you see how much my pear loves me back?  (It does.  I promise.)  Harry & David - you complete me.

Note:  Please do not judge me.  I have a pear fetish.  I have a food obsession.  I do not have a job and spend a lot of time in my kitchen staring into pantries, deciding what to eat next.  Indulge me.

PS - That aluminum foil shine in the background is the remnants of an oatmeal brown sugar apple cake that Mama concocted.  Do you see why I spend all of my time staring into pantries?  There are always baked goods to be discovered.  

PPS - My bangs are taking over my face.  Don't worry, I got my haircut the day after I took this picture.  The better to see my pears, my dear.

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