February 5, 2009

Danger: Tea-Drinking Impeded

I have become a tea junkie.  A tea-aholic.  A tea freak, if you will.  Every time I head for the kettle Jared raises an eyebrow and calls me an addict.  Oh well.  There are worse addictions no?  Like pears!  And chocolate chip banana muffins!*  

Yesterday I scalded the roof of my mouth on my bagel egg and cheese sandwich.**  The worst.  THE WORST.  I hate burnt mouth!  I hate anything that impedes my eating!  

And now every time I take a sip of tea, it's painful.  I literally shudder.  But I will not stop drinking tea.  No.  No I will not.  I will drink the hot tea and it will scald my burnt mouth over and over again and I will be strong.***

*Definitely already had both of those things before 9 a.m. today.

**I wasn't even satisfied by the bagel egg and cheese.  It had taken me, oh, an hour or so to finally choose something to scrounge up for dinner, and I clearly chose WRONG.  And my incorrect choice was further emphasized by my scalding burn.


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James A Woods said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your crisis. As a fellow tea drinker and food lover in general I empathise with you in this difficult time. Be strong, Kathy. Be strong.