March 19, 2009

Postnuptial Depression

In my morning blog browsing, I came across this article on about Postnuptial Depression.

It's an interesting read that provides good insight into the wedding industry. And as bogus as it sounds - Postnuptial Depression? Really? The sad part is, it makes complete sense.

After a year or two of focusing all of your energies on The Big Day - of planning and obsessing about everything from the perfect font for your save the date (barf) to the right shade of periwinkle for your table linens (barf) - of being fawned over by friends and relatives (not bad) - of hearing the excited coos of strangers who remark on your diamond and inquire about your wedding plans (pretty sweet) - it's kind of hard to get back to Real Life. To a life in which you yourself are no longer a bridal centerpiece, propped up smiling and radiant in the middle of your perfectly planned event.

It all goes back to the root of the problem: we're focused on the Wedding, not the Marriage.

It makes perfect sense that people feel a let down after their Wedding, but it's only because they've completely distorted their views of reality and what that day represents in the first place.

It's articles like these that always make me want to drop all of the planning, slink out of the spotlight, go to City Hall, and start a life together with the person I love.

Which is the point.



Anonymous said...

Focusing on the marriage and not the party is what your wedding ceremony should be about--hence why I think a quick civil ceremony is not the way to go......It's all about the vows, what you have to promise to one another, and sharing it publicly with your community of support....

It's really about the love-


Dorie Morgan said...

We put off our honeymoon for four months so we could enjoy the feeling of excitement for a bit longer. We spent a few days after the wedding with friends and family who had come in from out of town. Looking back, it was the smartest thing we could have done. By the time it was all over, we were settled in our married routines.

Jameel said...

I agree with Nora. It's about your vows. Fanfare sometimes = filler and nothing more. Kinda like when you get the munchies after you ate a big meal from your favorite restaurant. Filling, but it doesn't hold. Marriage is a lot heavier than a wedding. You have to balance the scales.

ABC Dragoo said...

If I were planning again - I would do the City Hall thing, a party with friends and family and a fabulous honeymoon.

Stress from the wedding industry - dress fitters saying "how much do you plan to lose before your wedding day" Venue saying "You won't have good photographs without lighting" Photographer who did not even manage to get a photo of me with my parents in the 12 hours he was on duty... People RSVP'ing with +3 - when it was clearly not that type of event.

I have never had so many sleepless nights!