March 18, 2009


Thanks to Style Me Pretty, I discovered that recently opened a bridal boutique. And I immediately swooned over this GORGEOUS Thurley Silk Collar Gown. At $895 its more than I intend to spend, but that detail is out of this world. Yum.


Mishi said...

Hi Kathy!

SOo...I know I'm just some random person/reader to you. Mostly, I'm just a deliquent lurker who doesn't usually bother to comment. But I love wedding stuff! I'm definitely guilty of indulging in more than a healthy amount of wedding-show watching.

Anyways - I really like this dress. It's very cute, and I think it fits your style (from what I've seen of your style via your blog, that is).

Just wanted to say that I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with your wedding - and I hope you keep posting lots of fun pictures!

Anonymous said...

This is a really beautiful dress.....maybe you should learn to you could copy it for a lot less than $895


this from someone who can't replace a missing button!

perfect bound said...

i agree. you could find a piece of lace or vintage something and whip this up yourself. although the dress is totally stunning. (so glad i found your to read more...)