April 8, 2009

Gentle Soles

When I slipped into this shoe in Bloomie's yesterday I felt as if I had stepped into a magical fairyland of pain-free cushiony support.  The $195 price tag is a tad steep, but you know, any semi-stylish piece of footwear that is cut wide enough to welcome my wide little feet without pinching seems worth it to me.

Please note the additional importance of this moment in that it made me realize I would rather spend the money on these shoes for daily use than some silly white dress.

{Bay Leaf from the Kenneth Cole Gentle Souls collection}


Anonymous said...

you need to challenge your readers to find a similar comfy pair for less than half the price--if they can't find a pair--I think we should start a shoe design line for wide feet! There is a market out there....


Linda said...

Amen Nora!!! Im on board!!!My daughters curse me for their wide feet!!
We would have enough of a "market" right here in our house!!