April 7, 2009


Last week when I tried on my first wedding dress I had the revelation that perhaps there IS something to be said for a long dress.  

A couple of those simple J.Crew gowns arrived in the mail, I put those babies on and, wouldn't you know, suddenly I was swishing and twirling all over the living room going "Oh, you know, a long dress IS rather nice I suppose..." while Mama stood there saying "Yeah, that's what I thought."

So today, after a deliciously yummy lunch at Paparazzi, and a brief shopping appetizer at J.Crew, I headed to Priscilla of Boston with Mama and sister in tow, you know, just to do the whole Try On White Dresses thing.  Officially.

True to form, we walked in and while Jenny almost hurt herself running about fondling the dresses, I found myself more nauseated than anything else towards the whole fluffy white silk taffeta tulle explosion.  Because really, when you have a whole army of poofy white dresses cuddled up together, they start to look kind of ridiculous.  And dare I say it?  Cheap.

But, our lovely consultant walked me around and I showed her things I "liked" (while thinking to myself Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hate them ALL bring me back to J.Crew immediatelyyyy), and in no time at all I was all laced up in a corset and heels and prancing about on a pedestal in front of a zillion mirrors, and really quite enjoying myself.

And then, much to my surprise, I even developed a bit of an affection for one little number in particular.

Mama and Jenny were swooning and saying if you just put aside THIS much every week for the next X amount of weeks, you'll have paid for it NO PROBLEM!  And a friend was saying well, that's really not that bad at ALL, so just shop a little less on other stuff for the next bunch of months...

But then I came to the very quick conclusion that I would RATHER spend $200 on extraordinarily pillowy black flats that I will wear every single day until they literally fall apart and die a tragic death, than a frothy white dress that I will wear for six hours and then NEVER AGAIN for the rest of my existence.

So, we shall see what happens.  I still have, oh, 18 months to figure it all out.  Sigh.  

What about you?  What's the max you would spend on a wedding dress?  What about if money was no object?  

And would you rather spend your cash on your dress for The Big Day, or a pair of black flats that are so comfortable they were hand-delivered to this earth by a very kind shopping angel?


Trina said...

Just catching up on your practical (cute blue dress, pillowy flats) dilemna vs. the 'romance' of the dress issues. I had mine made for me, loved it, saved some bucks, 25 years later it's in a box, could care less as I have the memories... What do you think about renting a bridal gown? If you feel the need to do the 'gown', then you wouldnt have the price or the thoughts abouot single use to be concerned with then.
JMHO, Trina

Shell said...

I ended up paying $350 for my dress. I loved it, but I also sold it on ebay afterwards. I didn't want it sitting in a box, as I knew it would with me.

If you are really concerned about it, go with your J Crew dresses. I loved having a frilly dress, but it ended up being a bit disappointing afterwards, knowing I wasn't going to keep it.

Stacey Snacks said...

you were around the corner from my house. Again, you could've invited me for a sneak preview!
I'm out of the loop!

K said...

You never know when you might just wear the dress for a random dance in the living room on a Friday night...

I highly recommend the Making Memories gown sales. No one should have to choose between those shoes and a wedding dress.