January 15, 2010

Dear White Honda with the ghetto black hood,

It was a delight to drive in front of you this morning for close to 30 minutes, as you hovered behind me 15 mph under the speed limit. It was comforting to look into my rearview mirror and see your eyes glued to your mobile phone/blackberry for that entire 30 minutes. Never did you put down your handheld device. And why should you? Driving shouldn't require one's full attention. Goodness no. It is a time in which to accomplish other things. Perhaps you were reading a news article. Or catching up with an old friend via text message. Perhaps you were watching an episode of Glee on your iPhone. Who cares that the winding twisting back roads on which we drove often include a surprise herd of deer or 90 degree right turns? By all means, I hope you accomplished what you needed to accomplish on your way to work this morning. I certainly feel safe on the roads of New Jersey.


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