January 15, 2010

A Touch of Depression for Your Friday

Paid Vacation Around the World

The following table lists nine countries and the average number of paid vacation days per year employees receive in each country.

Italy - 42 days
France - 37 days
Germany - 35 days
Brazil - 34 days
United Kingdom - 28 days
Canada - 26 days
Korea - 25 days
Japan - 25 days
U.S. - 13 days
{from here, via Smitten}


internet therapy said...

Can I get a resounding BOO?!! The U.S. needs to get it together!

Brandi said...

We so need to change this. That, or I'm moving to Italy.

renae said...

Yup in Australia we get 20 annual leave plus the public holidays (roughly 8 depending on where Easter falls). I work for an American company and was shocked when I read the American leave policy and saw how little you get.

Awilda Fashionista said...

OMG! this really sucks. I need to move.