April 28, 2011


Sometimes I get the feeling that I will never feel truly content with where I am in my life.
That I'll always be thinking there's something better out there.

Will moving to NYC make me happy?
Maybe not.
Will having some other job make me happy?
Eh, probably not in the long run.

It's pretty depressing to think that maybe I'm just the kind of person that keeps looking over the horizon for The Next Thing and hoping it will somehow make everything perfect.


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Maybe you need to make some lists -- dreams you have, things you're grateful for -- and start thinking about how they intersect and don't. Life isn't perfect, but that's precisely why it's so wonderful. But sometimes we need to listen to our heart's stirrings.

StylishIrish said...

Is there any comfort in knowing you're not alone in feeling this way??