April 28, 2011

Cubicle Syndrome

Cubicle syndrome:
a common but highly dangerous disease currently affecting millions of Americans.

This soul-zapping virus can result in any or all of the following symptoms:
sensation or desire to crawl out of one's skin;
feelings of annoyance toward all other objects (both animate and inanimate);
inability to sit still;
continual pen clicking, foot tapping, or chair rocking;
uncontrollable Internet browsing, email-checking, gchatting, tweeting, and blog stalking;
a numb rump.

If you begin to experience any or all of these symptoms, please see a general practicioner or specialist immediately.

{photo from here}


east side bride said...

dude. yes. GET A NEW JOB.

K said...

easier said than done! much easier to just continually whine about it... :P

but advice more than welcome. also welcome: non-cubicle, non-boring jobs