May 7, 2011

9 days

In 9 days I will finally finally finally finish these 2 masters courses that have been slurping away at my soul for the past 5 months.  
The thought of having an entire weekend to....gasp.... enjoy! beyond my wildest dreams.
It's funny how quickly you adjust* to one way of living, and feel like it's always been that way.
I honestly forget what it's like to read for pleasure or do errands or make plans with friends on...wait for it.... TWO days of the weekend!
Because I won't have to read or do discussion board posts or write assignments or blahhhhhhhh blah blah.
I am obscenely excited.

*Note:  "adjust" does not necessarily mean "get used to".. .because I was pretty consistently miserable for the past 5 months of these damn classes and there certainly wasn't any "getting used to it".  Moreso it just became the norm.  And I am so happy it will be un-normed soon...
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Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I can't wait for that feeling of freedom again. I have a few months left to go though. Sigh...We're getting there, right?

Any decisions about work and moving to NYC?

Linda said...

Yay, I personally am ready for you to be 'happy' again. Also ready to have you back as a playmate sometimes on the weekend!!
You tried it, it didnt fit into your current life, Done and Done