May 14, 2011

Happy weekend!

Today I will start, and finish, my last paper of the semester.
I am giddy with excitement.

I started this MA program in January strictly for work purposes.
It took about a week to realize I was miserable.
No time to breathe.
No interest in the subject matter.
I am stopping.

And I am thrilled.

I don't really like to quit things.
Especially when it's the "expected" and "right" thing.

But in reality it wasn't the right thing.
And the minute I decided to stop, after coming back from that gloriously relaxing week in the Bahamas, I felt 100x better.

I almost forget what it's like to have TIME.
What did I used to do on the weekends!?

I can read again!  For pleasure!
I will organize the CRAP out of this apartment.
I will finish the decorating that screeched to a halt 5 months ago when classes started.
I will socialize.
I will take longer walks.
I will sit outside at the picnic table and read the 25 magazines that have accumulated over the months.

Oh goodness it will be glorious.

Sometimes quitting is the right thing.

{photo of a crazy double rainbow encircling the sun, spotted in the Bahamas}

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