May 25, 2011


At what point does it become worth choosing happiness over comfort/security?

Somehow it seems like most people are content with (or at least, make the best of) whatever 40-hour a week office job they've ended up in.

There are others - many of the blogosphere's high and mighty - that have gone the freelance route and succeeded in making a creative life for themselves.

But it's hard to take the plunge.

As much as I would looooove to go part time and indulge other interests and passions - things I feel like I'm better suited for - it's hard to give up paid vacation time and benefits and a reallll nice retirement plan.  Plus, there's the risk of salary stagnation... no chance for promotion or raises, and just wading in the same average salary pool for eternity.

But if you're happy maybe it's OK to tread water there?


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

When it comes down to it, you just have to decide what's worth it more. And you have to ask yourself some really hard questions. I think you need to make a list of pluses and minuses for both types of lifestyles and then really study them and choose.

east side bride said...

did you just call me high and mighty?

the sassy kathy said...

@ESB haha. well, have you created a lovely creative freelance life for yourself, and does blogging make up a portion of your income? if so, you may in fact be one of the high and might blogger successes! (I didn't mean "high and might" nastily... but seriously. like. They That Are Powerful On the Internet.)

morgan said...

This is the exact internal debate I am having with myself at the moment. Let me know if you figure it out so I can follow suit!

Betty Vryhof said...

Happiness IS Comfort And Security.