May 26, 2011

Whiney Whiner

I'm hoping that all of this whining and talking in circles about jbo confusion will eventually lead to a definitive decision.  Or a job offer!  (any takers? anyone?!)

2 more depressing and insightful articles about the state of the American career culture:

The report shows that in 1960, one out of two Americans had a job that was physically active. Now it is estimated that only one in five Americans achieves a relatively high level of physical activity at work. Dr. Church notes that because the research doesn’t factor in technological changes, like increasing reliance on the Internet and e-mail, many people in service and desk jobs that have always involved only light activity are now moving less than ever, meaning the findings probably understate how much physical activity has been lost during work hours.
"Americans maximize their... [happiness] by working, and Europeans maximize their [happiness] through leisure"
So despite research documenting the health and productivity benefits of taking time off, a long vacation can be undesirable, scary, unrealistic or just plain impossible for many U.S. workers.

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jenny d said...

Ha! I e-mailed you the first article a few minutes ago. Just goes to show, those who want out of their jobs together, read the NY Times together. :)