June 27, 2011


And Feliz Monday.
Friday I took a mental health day and was it ever glorious.
If asked, I would like it to be known that, yes, I am fully in support of a 4 day work week.
The way things are now is really a SMIDGE off balance don't you think? 5 days of work. 2 days of play? Somewhere the founding (corporate) fathers went awry when deciding us poor fools needed to put in 40+ hours of suffering per week.

On my day of fun I cleaned, I tried a new oatmeal muffin recipe*, I had lunch with my relatives visiting from California, I (aka my mom) FINALLY got to hang my purty West Elm curtains, and I bought a paper towel holder.
It's the little things, you know?

Saturday Jared and I had the most wonderful dinner at Avenue, right on the boardwalk, overlooking the beach.
I've realized that the minute I'm near water, my stress and anxiety levels completely plummet. I transform into a mellow, content version of myself. It's rather wonderful.
The weather was perfect. The drinks were fantastic. The food was delicious.
All was happy and good.

On Sunday the whole clan gathered to celebrate my grandparents 60th anniversary. Sixty years. Can you even believe it? 

A lovely weekend. And now.... dum dum dum.... return to The Cubicle.

*much to my dismay, the "healthiness" of the oatmeal was a bit overpowered by the 2 sticks of butter...alas.

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Anonymous said...

it was fun being involved in mental health day, the muffins were yummy, the curtains look lovely and will look lovely in the new apartment in the city!! I can take them down just as quickly as I put them up