June 27, 2011

Places I would like to live

Oh. Hello there. Welcome to my new home.
Are you jealous of the exposed brick? And the fireplace?
Perhaps you just drooled a little bit on your keyboard because there are built-ins ON the exposed brick.
Don't you fret. We'll be painting that nasty-ass lavendar wall lickety split.
This is my semi-normal-person kitchen. An impressive treat in NYC, isn't it? Look. More exposed brick. I'll be rubbing my smiling face all over that brick while attempting to cook a meal with ingredients purchased from a NYC establishment for less than 1 zillion dollars. 
This is my expansive bedroom. That's right. There are two windows. No biggie.
And this? Oh, just a wee little courtyard in the back of the building, where I spend my afternoons reading and counting my money.

Colonial Mews
323 East 21st Street, Unit 4M
Gramercy, NYC
{Photos and listing via Prudential Elliman}
Right, I don't actually live there.
Don't think I won't do baaaaad bad things to get myself there though. Don't even think it for a minute.

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Anonymous said...

Then time to doit!!! Get ye to the city