June 5, 2011

Skinny Dip

Apparently I'm on a book-a-weekend schedule now... making up for lost time from the past 5 months of complete non-pleasure reading.  Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen is a frothy and entertaining quick read.  Not literary genius by any stretch of the imagination, but a light and compelling story that again kept me intrigued for a pretty solid 48 hour stretch of weekend.  Doesn't require too much thinking - definitely a good beach read.


Anonymous said...

always looking for good beach reading - usually do a book a day on vacation - which is fast approaching.
I picked up the following at Costco last week to bring to Edisto-
Shanghai girls by Lisa See
The street of a thousand blossoms by Gail Tsukiyama and
The Glassblower of Murano by marina Fiorato

I'll report back after I finish!


Anonymous said...

does this chick think she's Asian or something?

-Nora's son