June 6, 2011


Love little brown pen's living room, particularly that gray sofa. That is pretty much EXACTLY the sofa I wanted when I first started looking...pretty sure it's the Klein sofa from Room & Board, in Delamont cloud (yes, I just looked it up). I wanted light gray. Two cushions. Super cozy. Low armrests (I had some weird fetish with finding exactly the right height armrests so they didn't dagger my riblets while I watch TV).

And somehow I ended up with a three-cushion beige sofa. Harrumph.
That's what happens when you have a teeny tiny stairway and an angle that you have to deal with when choosing a sofa. My next sofa will be like the above.

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nichole said...


You are right. ;O

It's from Room and Board. I actually bought it from Holly (decor8) when she moved to German. We had just gotten back from Paris, and had NO furniture.