July 5, 2011

Blah de blah

If you, like me, are bored and stalling from doing the work that needs to be done, might I suggest this article from Salon?

Basically it's the sob story of every angst-ridden 20-something out there right now. Sub in whatever your career goal is there (mine happens to be identical to the one mentioned in the article), and there you have it.
Your angst, put to words.
Relationshippal drama + career confusion + where-am-I-going-in-life-pleas.

What happened to us, man?  Poor Gen Y. 
We're all so confused and completely immersed in said-confusion that it makes it hard to even focus on anything good going on in life. We can't see the fun or latch onto the whole "it's the journey that matters" mentality because we're all so up in our heads trying to make things work the way we envisioned during all those years of education when we were told we could do ANYTHING and we could have EVERYTHING.

Oh, is that just me?

No. No it is not. At the VERY least it is me and Mr. NOMA who is also filled with angst and confusion.

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