August 29, 2011

The Apartment

I've been stalling from posting any apartment photos because....well, it's kind of awful. 
Posting photos of your home for all the world (aka a couple of people who read your blog) to see. 

Because there are always things you still want to do. Always things you wish you'd done differently. And things just never look as good in photos...especially amateur photos shot hastily while packing to evacuate to your parents house before Hurricane Irene.

But yes, if for nothing else, Hurricane Irene was the excellent motivation I needed to clean and tidy the entire apartment, and take the photos I've been meaning to take for ages (because there was a good chance a giant old tree or telephone pole would come crashing through our window and we would want to fondly remember our very first apartment, and - bonus! - have some proof for insurance companies!).

So, without further ado...
Right when you walk in the door.
Living "room" to the right, open to the kitchen.
Jared's desk, then dining area straight ahead.
Bathroom on the right, bedroom at the end.
The living area.
Might I discourage against a black rug in your main living space? 
Unless you enjoy vacuuming up unimaginable amounts of visible kitty and Kathryn hair on a very regular basis.
Corner bookshelf in the living room.
Painting purchased in Curacao on honeymoon.
Sofa and Chair by Rowe.
Vintage ottoman, reupholstered, from Second Dibs.
View from the kitchen.
Who needs to go to the movie theater when you have THE TV?
Dining area.
Bathroom. Tiny, but newly-done and sunny.
Duvet by Dwell Studio.
Very utilitarian stack o'drawers to hold the overflow of clothes from She-Who-Shops-Too-Much.
View from the bedroom window, aka perfect people-watching spot for constant stream of weddings (and funerals)
This wedding was taking place on Saturday morning, rushed before Hurricane Irene hit.


jenny d said...

Oh, it's so pretty! Why am I not surprised. And p.s. I too need overflow clothing space. I had to go out and get an Ikea closet and I STILL don't have enough room. I really need to stop by dresses. And shoes. And skirts. And shoes.

jenny d said...

Eek. Typos galore. Insert question mark in line 1 and change "by" to "buying." See, this hurricane has thrown me all off.

Anonymous said...

Love the apartment and the reupholstry job is fabulous - who did it?

Did you see that your favorite flea market is featured in women's day? Now everyone will know your secret!